WOW customers!
It’s time to upgrade to TBi-TV

To our loyal WOW customers,


We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to your current TV service. Have no fear! You can keep the same package you have at the same price. But, get ready to experience another level of quality picture and sound, all with a super easy interface.


Our team is here to help guide you through the process or you can follow the instructions on this page to simply download the TBi-TV app to your Amazon Fire TV or existing Amazon Fire Stick.


If you don’t have a fire stick and would like one for your upgrade, stop by our retail store and talk to our friendly staff. We also have set-top boxes available, if needed.

Sign Up Today for TBi-TV

If you choose to pick up your fire stick or set top box, a member of the Customer Service Team will contact you when it’s ready for pickup at our retail store at the Washington Mall.

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